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Nour Helo is a Musician, Composer and Content creator who graduated from Trinity College of London in 2015. She began studying Piano and performing in Recitals at the age of 10. she was involved in many music ensembles growing up and was inspired by her dedicated teachers to continue pursuing music.

Nour has been playing Piano for 18 years and has taught lessons for over six Years in multiple schools and in home private lessons. Besides Piano, Nour plays Violin and Guitar. she also likes to sing, she enjoys singing while playing an instrument. She also earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science 2014.


Nour is a very well experienced and Talented piano teacher, teaching different ages and skill levels with a wide range between beginners and advanced. She is particularly adept at teaching children and younger students and is able to teach a variety of music styles. She has successfully coached students towards taking examinations and performed live on stage, using a variable and unique teaching techniques to make lessons fun and enjoyable. Nour helps students understand musical theory as a basis of their education.she develops and implements comprehensive lesson plans that accommodate specific level of learners while offering support to make certain each student is able to grasp materials.


Nour Helo is also an American Actress and Model. She made her acting debut in Beach Girls in 2017. Since then she has appeared in many films, TV Series and music productions. Nour Helo has worked with New York Film Academy, LA Film School, Los Angeles City College and many Independent Directors. 


Highlights of her acting credits include Deisi in That’s so Trippy Bro, Rachel in False Alarm, Alyssa in Life Changes, Lilith in Deep Forest and IBY in Church of Murder. However, in 2018 she became well-known when she played Cathy in The Last Drink, most recently, she played Kia in The Dark Inside and Rachel in HouseBreaking.


Nour worked with many Casting Directors and Acting Coaches in LA at TVI Actors Studio, including Vicki Goggin (On-Camera Commercial Techniques), JR Whittington (On-Camera Scene Study) and Tracey Rooney (On-Camera Acting for TV & Film and On-Camera Cold Reading). Nour Helo’s sweet essence of the acting life is the opportunity to not only meet new characters but also play different characters.

Despite her busy acting career, Nour Helo makes time to be involved with community and charity organizations as well as professional societies.


she is not only a musician and actress but also a dancer and Gymnast, she likes to do Ballet, Contemporary, Figure Skating, Hip Hop, Latin Dance and Floor Gymnastics. In terms of stage combat and fighting skills, Nour could be the best choice for such roles as she is a former Taekwondo champion. she played in many tournaments and earned her Three-Dan Black Belt besides her medals. on a recent note Krav Maga, ground fighting (Jiu Jitsu), Kickboxing and Street Fighting were introduced in her skill set. one of her favorite activities is hitting the Indoor Shooting range.  


Nour is Fluent in English (USA) accompanied with British dialects, also Arabic, Spanish (Spain/ Latin America) and some Russian.



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